Traditionally, bullion fringe is a decorative embellishment of silver or gold thick cording sewn in a row and used to decorate military uniforms.  In the world of design, bullion fringe looks very similar, but is used to trim elaborate window treatments, table skirts or the base of upholstery in place of the traditional fabric skirt.






In the world of interior design, bullion fringe was originally used in formal, elegant settings and was generally made from silk. It was very popular during the Victorian era when opulent and heavily embellished furnishings were de rigueur.





Today you will find bullion fringe in a variety of materials including cotton, jute, vicose and often mixed with beads or tassels. It adds movement to a piece of upholstery. For a “modern luxe” look, pair a modern piece of furniture with a more traditional element like bullion fringe. I love to use bullion fringe as a skirt on an ottoman or luxurious tufted sofa.


bullion-fringe-in-blue-cream-sofa bullion-fringe-sofa-01_zpsywn1uidg_1-600x400


buillion-fringe-3 bullion-fringe-farmhouse-tablecloths