Vendor Spotlight – Eastern Accents

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  In the world of Interior Design, “soft goods” are a key element to a well-designed room.  Most people think of pillows when they consider soft goods, but really, it goes way beyond that.  For me, soft goods include pillows, bed linens, window treatments, throws and bolsters.  When layered properly, these pieces add texture and… Read more »

Designing an Outdoor Living Space

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  This time of year we all think about being outside as much as possible.  One way to achieve that goal is to extend our living environment beyond the confines of our four walls.  Here in the mid-Atlantic region, we are lucky.  Functional and comfortable outdoor living is possible for approximately six months of the… Read more »

Vendor Spotlight – Lexington Home Furniture

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I was on a mission during the April 2014 Furniture Market. Our design library was in need of a new case good line.  Case goods include bedroom, dining, office and occasional furniture.  Most rooms require several case good pieces so they are key to a well-designed space.  It is important to me that we offer… Read more »

Vendor Spotlight – High Point Furniture Market

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Nothing makes my heart go pitter patter like driving down I-85 South in the springtime, seeing the dogwood trees in first bloom along the highway and knowing that I will be spending the next several days at the famous High Point Furniture Market in North Carolina. It is hard to believe that my first trip… Read more »

Should I Hire an Interior Designer for My Project?

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People often ask me, “Should I hire a designer for my project and if so, why?” Most people are intimidated by the thought of hiring a designer and are really hoping to find reasons not to hire one.  However, depending on the scale of the project, it is often advantageous to seek professional help. The… Read more »

Selecting Paint Colors

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Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a homeowner like the task of selecting a paint color for a room, or worse yet, several rooms. Homeowners are not alone in this.  Even as a seasoned design professional, I wring my hands a bit when called to help with this task.  Over the years I have… Read more »

Vendor Spotlight – Charleston Forge

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  In 1988, my then business partner and I ventured into a small showroom at the High Point Furniture Market. It was here that I was first introduced to Charleston Forge furniture. The president and founder of the company, Art Barber, greeted us himself and we were instantly impressed by his commitment to make fine… Read more »

Vendor Spotlight – Century Furniture

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  Why do we love Century Furniture?   The Century Furniture line is deep and stunningly beautiful. It is a designer’s dream line. Every piece, case good or upholstery, is unique and finished with great attention to detail and quality. Century offers over 200 gorgeous fabrics, leathers and trims and over 50 finishes. We love… Read more »

SCL Design News — The Magic of Lighting

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November is here and with it comes chilly weather, falling leaves and shorter days.  This is the time of the year when we find ourselves moving indoors as we begin to prepare our nest for the winter ahead.  We crave warm cozy spaces to gather with friends and family, to share a meal and count… Read more »

SCLGram — Does Stone Stack Up?

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September is here and I am always surprised how normal routines just fall into place after the carefree days of summer.  For me, it feels good to get back on a schedule and to start planning for autumn outings, the pending holidays, and of course, all those projects I put off during the summer. My clients are… Read more »