SCL Design News — Advantages of Custom Furniture

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March is here and there is one thing on everyone’s mind…basketball!  Even for the average sports enthusiast, the madness takes hold.  People are busy researching teams, filling out their brackets and checking scores in hopes of winning the office pool.  In the world of interior design, a different type of madness takes place in March…. Read more »

The Advantages of Custom Furniture

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    The beauty of my job is that every project is different.  Each project that comes across my work table is as unique as the client it belongs to. Additionally, every client comes with their own sense of style, taste, desires and inspiration and my job is to help them interpret and define all… Read more »

SCLgram — Design Fact — Granite

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  Granite is an igneous rock composed mostly of quartz and feldspar, with other minerals that add variety in color and graining to each rock.  Granite forms very slowly below the earth’s surface.  It is quarried from the earth and cut into slabs for home and commercial use. A slab of Granite Because granite is… Read more »

SCLgram — Design Fact — Quartz

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  Quartz is a man-made product combining ground natural quartz fragments with resin, polymers and pigments for color.  This process produces a very hard material that is fabricated into slabs.  These slabs can be used for all sorts of applications in the home or for commercial use. Quartz slab making machine Quartz countertops are often… Read more »

SCLgram — Design Fact — Quartzite

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  Quartzite is often confused with Quartz.  Quartzite is naturally occurring metamorphic rock.  It is created when sandstone is subjected to extreme heat and pressure.  It is quarried into slabs.  Quartz is man-made.      Quartzite quarry and slab   Quartzite is becoming more popular with designers as it has the look and feel of… Read more »

SCLgram — Secondary Baths

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  Designers are notorious for putting their own projects on the back burner.  We are the proverbial “cobbler’s children without shoes” and tend to neglect our own design needs.  I believe this is true for many reasons.  We are either too busy working on our clients’ projects, or we have commitment issues because we see… Read more »

SCLGram — Secondary Baths

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January is here and, hopefully by now, all the holiday trappings are packed and stored.  We have ushered in a new year and with it comes the pull to refresh and renew.  All the magazines are showing housekeeping supplies in pretty citrus colors, nifty ways to organize our closets or drawers and crisp fresh linens… Read more »

The Magic of Lighting

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“A room is like a stage.  If you see it without lighting, it can be the coldest place in the world.”  Such a true statement.  How many of us have walked into a beautiful room that felt flat and dull? The furniture and appointments were lovely, but there was something missing.  Most likely the lack of… Read more »

My Favorite Paint Colors

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Family, friends and clients often ask me if I have a favorite paint color.  As a designer, it is impossible to have one favorite color.  There are so many fabulous colors out there, how could I possibly pick just ONE??  All said, I have been selecting paint colors for over 30 years and definitely have… Read more »

5 Tips for Creating a Home Office

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  A stunning Home Office designed by Salmon-Casson, Ltd.   Advances in technology have given many of us the option to work from home. Working from home has major benefits, such as; no commute time, quieter atmosphere, less interruptions, and of course, a better work-life balance. However, to fully profit from these benefits, it is… Read more »