Artists We Have Worked with and Loved

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In “Kim’s Pearls”, “The Artful Home”, Kim talks about commissioning a piece of original artwork.  She talks about finding a piece of art that you love, but it turns out that it is not the right size or the colors are just not right.  What do you do?  Commission a piece of art from an… Read more »

The Artful Home

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  When I was a kid, my favorite board game wasn’t Monopoly or Clue.  It was a less popular game called Masterpiece.  If you don’t know, Masterpiece is a game about fine art; the players bid, acquire and sell paintings.  The winner has the most valuable collection when all the art has been sold.  Sounds… Read more »

Going Local — The Arts

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Are you ready to start your folder of the artists you like?  One way to start it is to visit the local art festivals.  These festivals are held throughout the year and are a great way to be introduced to local artists and to find pieces of art that “speak to you”.     Each… Read more »

SCL “Classic” Art Vendors

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At SCL, we believe is in integral part of a design project.  Over the years, we have worked with many different art vendors.  Many of these vendors provide different styles of art, different types of art (oils, prints, giclee, plexiglass, aluminum, etc.), and different services (change sizes, frames, mats, etc.).  The following is a list… Read more »

SCL’s Favorite Artwork Vendors

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At SCL, we that believe art is an integral part of a design project.  We have a list of art vendors that we love to work with–but we are also always looking for “exciting” new art. We always want to find “new” art that represents different styles, different art media  (paintings, prints, giclee, etc.), presented… Read more »

SCL Design Projects — Teen Spaces

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This Spring, SCL was excited to be involved in two different design projects with teenagers as clients.  The teen years are not easy and most teens need space for quiet, study and privacy!  Often their bedrooms have not been updated since early childhood and are in need of a remake. SCL was involved with two… Read more »

SCL Studio Refresh

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Our clients often ask us to help them “refresh” a room and we will strive to give a tired space a little lift.  This Spring, we at SCL thought it was time to hit the refresh button ourselves! As with many projects, sometimes changing one or two elements in a room can make a big… Read more »

SCL Attends WDC Spring 2018 Market Day

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  It is always a treat to attend the Washington Design Center Market Day! The Market Day features keynote speakers, product launches and open houses throughout the Washington Design Center.  We also love visiting the different showrooms and connecting with our fabulous reps and other designers.              We always make… Read more »

SCLgram — Window Treatments — Part I

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It seems like only yesterday we were ushering in the New Year but my calendar says it is the beginning of March.  When did that happen??? Life has been busy at Salmon-Casson, Ltd and we are thrilled to be working on several new and exciting projects.  However, the commitment to these projects has caused me… Read more »

SCLgram — Shaped Valance

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A shaped valance from a SCL Design Project   The shaped valance is one of my all-time favorite treatments.  It is a small, stationary horizontal treatment at the top of the window.  It is pretty, soft and looks good in a plain, floral or geometric fabric.  The shaped valance can deliver a lot of personality… Read more »