SCLgram — Window Treatments — Part II

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Something weird happens to me in January.  I become a homebody with a wicked pull to clean out every closet, pantry, medicine cabinet and file drawer in my house.  OCD tendencies that have been dormant for 11 months rise up and shout “Girlfriend, it is time to get organized!”  Just like shedding those nasty pounds… Read more »

SCLgram — Baton

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    A baton (often called a wand) is a long, thin, stick shaped piece of hardware used to open and close drapery panels.  Most of us have used batons to open or close draperies in a hotel room.  Batons can be made from wood, acrylic, or metal and are clipped to the lead carrier… Read more »

SCLgram — French Return

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  French return drapery rods are extremely popular due to their simplicity and functionality.  Typically, a standard drapery rod is attached to the wall with brackets which extend 3-6 inches.  A rod with a French return eliminates the bracket and is bent to create a soft curve which returns to the wall.  It is gives… Read more »

SCLgram — Grommet

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  A grommet is a thin round metal ring that is installed on the header of a drapery panel.  A drapery fabricator uses a special machine to insert the grommets into the fabric.  The grommets are spaced along the header at specified intervals to form soft folds in the drapery panel.  The drapery rod is… Read more »

Let’s Talk Window Treatments

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stunning drapery panels– a scl design project     Often when discussing custom window treatments with a client, I find myself having what I call “The Conversation”. I call this chat “The Conversation” because I have had it so many times, with so many clients. “The Conversation” allows me to build an appreciation for custom… Read more »

SCL Design News — Stunning Basement Retreat

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There’s a lot of talk these days about reinventing yourself.  I am not speaking about simple adjustments, but whole transformations.  There are articles, books and workshops that will walk you through the process of creating a whole new you!  It is very exciting and sometimes necessary.  The same goes for a home.  Sometimes a room… Read more »

SCL’s New Logo

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      This summer, SCL took on the task to rebrand.  We were looking to update our logo so that it was fresh and current, feminine and classy, and reflected what SCL represents.  Our new logo is the first step and we look forward to sharing the rebranding of our website soon. So, what… Read more »

Reston Home Tour 2018

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  The Reston Home Tour is coming soon! Salmon-Casson, Ltd. is proud to support the Reston Home Tour again this year as a member of the committee, handling floral arrangements and getting the word out.  The 2018 Tour is a must see, so purchase your tickets soon! This year’s theme is “Design Intervention”.  “The Reston… Read more »

Stunning Basement Retreat

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  Stunning basement retreat — a SCL Design Project (To view photos in a larger format, click on them)     Every once in a while a dream project comes along.  I receive a phone call from a potential new client, we meet and at some point during the initial consultation, my heart skips a… Read more »

SCL Design News — The Artful Home

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I keep a file next to my desk called “Artists I Like”.  This is a repository of cards and brochures of artists I find in my travels that appeal to me, or could be a resource for clients and future projects.  This folder contains information on various types of art–paintings, sculpture, pottery, and all sorts… Read more »