Life on the Grid — The Beauty of Tile

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  As a design professional, I am often called upon to help a client select tile for a renovation project or new construction.  There is always a little panic in their voice, and I understand it.  Tile can be intimidating.  There are so many wonderful options out there, which makes it hard to get started… Read more »

SCL Attends WDC Market Day 2019

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  It is always  a treat to attend the Washington Design Center Market Day! The Market Day features keynote speakers, product launches and open houses throughout the Washington Design Center.  We also love visiting the different showrooms and connecting with our fabulous reps. We always make it a point to visit Century.  This Market Day,… Read more »

SCL Announces the Launch of Our Updated Website

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  SCL is excited to announce the launch of updated website! In the past year, SCL has been going through a rebranding process.  Last summer, we updated our logo making it fresh and current in design as well as colors.   We then focused on making our new logo an integral part of our website… Read more »

SCL Heads to 2019 Spring High Point Furniture Market

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  Spring is here which means that High Point Furniture Market is just around the corner.  SCL leaves for High Point Market on Thursday, April 4th and we are so excited! As Kim once said, “Nothing makes my heart go pitter patter like driving down I-85 in the springtime, seeing the dogwood trees in first… Read more »

SCLgram — Window Treatments — Part II

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Something weird happens to me in January.  I become a homebody with a wicked pull to clean out every closet, pantry, medicine cabinet and file drawer in my house.  OCD tendencies that have been dormant for 11 months rise up and shout “Girlfriend, it is time to get organized!”  Just like shedding those nasty pounds… Read more »

SCLgram — Baton

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    A baton (often called a wand) is a long, thin, stick shaped piece of hardware used to open and close drapery panels.  Most of us have used batons to open or close draperies in a hotel room.  Batons can be made from wood, acrylic, or metal and are clipped to the lead carrier… Read more »

SCLgram — French Return

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  French return drapery rods are extremely popular due to their simplicity and functionality.  Typically, a standard drapery rod is attached to the wall with brackets which extend 3-6 inches.  A rod with a French return eliminates the bracket and is bent to create a soft curve which returns to the wall.  It is gives… Read more »

SCLgram — Grommet

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  A grommet is a thin round metal ring that is installed on the header of a drapery panel.  A drapery fabricator uses a special machine to insert the grommets into the fabric.  The grommets are spaced along the header at specified intervals to form soft folds in the drapery panel.  The drapery rod is… Read more »

Let’s Talk Window Treatments

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stunning drapery panels– a scl design project     Often when discussing custom window treatments with a client, I find myself having what I call “The Conversation”. I call this chat “The Conversation” because I have had it so many times, with so many clients. “The Conversation” allows me to build an appreciation for custom… Read more »